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** Explore DMIY Cognitive Healthcare to Enjoy Life 

** DMIY Cognitive Healthcare with DMIY Cognitive Cellular Respiration Approach — an All-in-one Healthcare Solution

** Introduction to DMIY Cognitive Cellular Respiration — Subconscious Respiration, Cognitive Respiration, and      Managing the Cognitive Respiration

** Your Brain Cells , Subconscious Powers, Cognitive Powers, and Cognitive Management of Cognitive Behaviors

** DMIY Self-care Academy and DMIY Self-therapy Academy —Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk, and Respire the Respiration in Tandem with You

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**探索由你自行自理加意保健术就是享受人生啦 !!!


**自行自理加意细胞吐纳术入门下意识吐纳, 加意吐纳, 管治加意吐纳

**你的脑细胞, 下意识能力, 加意能力, 加意管治加意行为

**自行自健学院, 及自行自疗学院–授你坐言起行吐纳健體


** Explore DMIY  Cognitive Healthcare to Enjoy Life

Do you know when  the happy time will come ?     The answer is absolutely not just blowing in the wind.  It is as soon as you start practicing DMIY Cognitive Healthcare. Then, how to start practicing DMIY Cognitive Healthcare ?   The answer is as soon as you practice DMIY Cognitive Cellular Respiration. Then, how to practice DMIY Cognitive Cellular Respiration?    To practice DMIY Cognitive Cellular Respiration is just to  Cognitively and persistently explore your own boddy cells , as well as Cognitively manage, develop and utilize the cellular potential in tandem.

**探索由你自行自理加意保健术就是享受人生啦 !!!

你知道快乐的时光会何时来临吗?    答案絶对不是在风中飘荡的. 只要你一开始练习加意自健自疗术, 快乐的时光就马上来了.  那如何炼习加意自健自疗术呢?   答案是只要你一开始炼习加意细胞吐纳术便等同炼答案是只要你一开始炼习加意细胞吐纳术便等同炼习加意自健自疗术了. 那什么是加意细胞吐纳术呢?    加意细胞吐纳术便是用识加意地探索细胞吐纳法, 从而并行开启及运用细胞的潜在功能. 在后数段文字会继续介绍加意细胞吐纳术的内涵和逹成方法.

** DMIY Cognitive Healthcare with DMIY Cognitive Cellular Respiration Approach– an All-in-one Healthcare Solution 

Nowadays, Healthcare Progression  is underlined in two critically different levels. One is the Medicating level of healthcare, which mainly directs the treatment of specific bodily disorder with medical approach. Another is the Cognitive level of healthcare, which pinpoints the treatment of Human Subconscious Behaviors with a Cognitive Approach. To-day, the treatment of Human Subconscious Behaviors tends to get more and more important and urgent, because only medical care is vividly far from enough to contribute a healthy world for human.        In view of this, this website here is typically built to offer  an All-in-one Healthcare solution to all of you, which will focus typically on Healthcare with DMIY Cognitive Approach on Cellular Respiration to pinpoint the overall unhealthy Subconscious Behaviors.

“DMIY” in this website straightforwardly means doing and managing it ( a conduct or behavior ) by yourself through and through. So, by “DMIY Cognitive Healthcare” throughout this website, it is clearly and straightforwardly pointing to practicing and managing healthcare by yourself with a Cognitive approach through and through.

There are too many approaches and behaviors to take care of one’s own health ! Unfortunately, all of them cannot be adopted as an “All-in-one Healthcare solution”, yet always claim high and care-provider needed. DMIY Cognitive Healthcare published in this website focuses specifically on DMIY Cognitive Cellular Respiration  Approach, which is definitively an “All-in-one Healthcare approach” and next to costless when compared with those care-provider bound approaches. By “Cognitive Approachit points to the use of Cognitive Power, which is simply the extension of your Subconscious Power. Sticking to DMIY Cognitive Respiration Approach, DMIY Cognitive Healthcare will loyally, friendlily, economically, most efficiently, and right self-reliantly save you from all sick-or-treat dilemma, just because DMIY Cognitive Healthcare will teach you how to do ( practice ) and manage Cognitive Cellular Respiration and its behavioral outcomes in tandem self-reliantly on your own. Lo and behold: Those outcomes acquired by DMIY Cognitive approach will definitively surpass those acquired in your Medicating level of Healthcare.

**本网站献给你的一站式  ”一体保健方案就是   — 由你自行自理(DMIY)加意(Cognitive) 细胞吐纳功术


** Introduction to DMIY Cognitive Cellular Respiration — Subconscious Respiration, Cognitive Respiration, and Managing the Cognitive Respiration

DMIY approach is to promise that you can do and manage it (your intended or intentional conduct) by yourself through and through, in an economical way with or without the intervention of a care-provider. By “Managing your intentional conduct or behavior”, it means you are going to attend to it, regulate it and enhance it by yourself intentionally mindfully consciously, ( and that is what the professional calls “Cognitively” ), so that you can regulate, improve and enhance your Subconscious Behavioral Outcomes . The most critical point of this Cognitive Management is that you can never regulate or change your behavioral outcome  without intentional Cognitive management.  And that is why you must always combine the DMIY approach with the Cognitive approach to practice healthcare anytime and anywhere. Please read the lines behind.

The Cognitive approach is to guide you to do and manage your intended or intentional conduct with your own mind, consciously, knowingly, totally under your own control, and most critical of all, with enhanced attention specific to your intended conduct, so as to achieve specific outcomes . Yet, starting Cognitive approach for  your healthcare is to enable your mind to use the Cognitive Power to start a Cognitive conduct or behavior. Lo and behold! No healthcare outcome comes out yet. You must Manage your Cognitive behavior to conjure or bring out some outcome. And only persistent Cognitive management can bring about persistent healthcare outcomes. Managing Cognitive Behavior is one of the critical extension of Cognition ( Cognitive Power ). No Cognitive Management, no Desirable Outcome. So, you must do it and manage it in tandem persistently to achieve desirable outcomes.

In practicing Cognitive healthcare, you must practice a proper behavior with DMIY Cognitive approach, so as to bring about desirable outcomes.  This website focuses on and only on the Cognitive Cellular Respiration to be your proper behavior, because the primary part of Respiratory Behavior is Internal Respiration, which takes place in every cell, and the complementary part is the breathing ( or External Respiration ), which takes place in Tandem to complement the Internal Respiration and thus complete the Respiratory Behavior. That is to say, practicing DMIY Cognitive Respiratory Behavior is disciplining all your body cells in Tandem. It will definitively provide you a perfectly All-in-one Healthcare solution.

Internal Respiration takes place subconsciously in every normal cell ( including all nerve cells ) and takes the role of a silent internal pioneer of life, conducting  subconsciously and silently various cellular activities including energy synthesis and consumption,waste production and thus waste disposal. Because Internal Respiration takes place in every cell, it points straight to taking care of your whole body. It is remarkably true that the behavioral silence exhibiting inside the cellular world is brilliantly golden as long as every cell is in well coordination with each other and conducting orderly Internal Respiration. On the other hand, it is too bad to be true that the subconscious silence will become dangerous or even disastrous when something goes wrong inside the cells and invokes disordered respiration, undesirable accumulation of waste and toxic matters, blocked cell-activities and bad coordination among cells; and most of the body cells still overwhelmingly keep silent yet, being unable to respond to or express  certain knowledge of the imminent crisis of disorder. Fortunately there are at least two miraculous groups in your body which are capable of breaking or changing the dangerously disordered silence into a brilliant one again : they are your Breathing System and your Brain.

Yes, Breathing, the Voicing for Life, ( or External Respiration ) is the complementary part of the inborn and subconscious respiratory mechanism.  In a subconscious manner, Breathing breaks the silence by taking in air ( inhaling ) from the external environment to fuel the Internal Respiration, and expelling the interior waste gas (exhaling) to the external environment outside your body, so as to bring about a cleaner, more stable and orderly cellular environment. That is why Breathing is also called External Respiration. 

Lo and behold  ! Normal daily living tells you honestly and clearly that Subconscious Respiration is far from enough to keep your body healthy. You must use your Cognitive Powers to practice Cognitive respiration and Cognitive Management in Tandem so as to bring about desirable health. Now, where are those Cognitive Powers?


照顧自己的方式太多了! 這個網站專注於探索確識細胞吐納法以實習及運用由你自行保健. 用你的滑鼠點擊這裡 (或 Cellular Respiration 選單)會讓你開啟細胞吐納篇觀看細胞吐 world.納complementary 運行法.

** Your Brain, Subconscious Powers, Cognitive Powers, and Cognitive Management of Cognitive Behaviors

Yes again, your Brain always possesses miraculous Subconscious Powers. To realize the Subconscious Powers endowed in Human Brain, you need not study those intricate experiments relevant to Human Brain at all. You breathe, cry, suck milk, look around, move around, learn, think, and grow up Subconsciously (that is to say, unknowingly )  with your Brain from your babyhood. That’s right! But these powers are not Cognitive Powers yet. Typically emphasized in this website, one of those inborn Subconscious Powers, called Meta-cognition Power by the scientists, can widely exhibit nursing power over many other Subconscious Powers in the Brain. If any nursing phenomenon once persists in a specific Subconscious Power, that specific Subconscious Power will get typically energized by the Meta-cognition Power progressively, resulting in nurturing up a specific Cognitive (that is to say, knowing things)  Power.    

Right! The Meta-cognition Power nurses some Subconscious Powers to nurture up specific Cognitive Powers, which is the Outcomes of working and nursing inside the Brain only.    For examples, with Meta-cognition Power nursing over the Brain, Subconscious Thinking Power will nurture and evolve Cognitive Thinking Power ; Subconscious Learning Power will do Cognitive Learning Power ; Subconscious Memorizing Power will do Cognitive Memorizing Power ; Subconscious Managing Power will do Cognitive Managing Power, and so on. And each evolvement of a specific Cognitive Power  is to announce that a specific Cognitive Power is enabled and ready for use inside the Brain. Those Subconscious Powers will keep themselves working in the Brain unknowingly and silently anyway. Then, what the hell are those Cognitive Powers evolved for? Well! they are for further development, control, management,  improvement, et cetera, et cetera, of all cellular activities in the Brain as well as outside the Brain such as your Heart and Respiratory System.

Then, how can these Cognitive Powers be used outside the Brain in the body ? Well! There are quite a lot of Control Centers in the Human Brain, that are involved in the use of Cognitive Powers.  For example, if some Cognitive Powers are sent out from your Brain in due course through your Respiratory Control Center ( located in your Brainstem ) into other parts of your body,  they will then be congregated  to act as Cognitive Respiratory Power and conduct the specific Cognitive Respiratory Behaviors. And , of course, this Cognitive Respiratory Power inherits the powerful features of Subconscious Powers such as thinking, learning, memorizing, feeling, monitoring, managing and so on. Among these powers, the Cognitive Managing Power is definitively indispensable  for managing, enhancing and improving the Respiratory Outcomes on your body cells , which will bring about the  regulation and improvement of the cellular environment inside your body.

In summary, you should know how the Cognitive Respiratory Power can be contributed into your Respiratory System, ( including  Internal Respiration and Breathing ), and how the desirable change and improvement of the dangerously disordered cellular environment can be achieved through conducting the Cognitive Managing behaviors, though it (the cellular environment) will still keep itself quietly silent.   Click here to get to the DMIY Cognitive Cellular Respiration page to read more about the Cognitive Powers and the DMIY Cognitive Respiration.  You will find out many How-tos , including how the DMIY Cognitive Cellular Respiration Behaviors discipline all kinds of your body cells in tandem so as to offer you a perfectly All-in-one Healthcare Solution.



** DMIY Self-care Academy and DMIY Self-therapy Academy — Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk, and Respire the Respiration in Tandem with you 

You see, Subconscious Cellular Respiration is far from enough to build up your health. You will get sick now and again, invaded by viruses, attacked by bacteria, and by and by get aged.    Click here (DMIY Self-care Academy 自行自理保健學院) to browse the e-courses we are going to open to everyone of you for your exploration of the Cellular World and your Cognitive Self-care in tandem. Choose a proper course for your own practice and you will soon turn your medical care or care-provider into redundant items and enjoy a new life with ease and health by and by.

Or, if you feel ill now, or even in certain need of medical care,  click here (DMIY Self-therapy Academy自行自理自療學院) to browse further  about DMIY Self-therapy  e-courses.  Choose a proper one to take practice against your specific disorder. Every course will guide you intimately step by step to practice and manage specific Cognitive Behaviors so as to heal and improve your health in a persistent manner.  Lo and behold here ! Medicine can never get rid of recurrence of disorders, while DMIY Cognitive Respiration is your loyal built-in healer and All-in-one savior forever and forever.

當然, 單靠不知不覺地了解由你自行保健法是不足以成為一個持久强健人的. 你仍會生病, 感染病毒, 受細菌入侵, 而且慢慢變老. 請用滑鼠點擊這裡 (“DIY Self-care Academy自行保健學院”選單) 讓你認識一些為所有人而設的網上課程, 或這裡 (DIY Self-therapy自行自療學院), 瀏覽更多自療課程,  它們會一步步地親切地持續不斷地引導你建立或尋回你的健康.
Want to be a healthy guy?  To be or not to be, a persistent Cellular Explorer will surely be. 你是健康人嗎? 是或不是, 一個持續不懈的細胞探索者必然會是的.
Want to be a happy guy?   To be or not to be, a persistent Cellular Explorer will surely be.  你是快樂人嗎?  是或不是, 一個持續不懈的細胞探索者必然會是的.